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Last Tuesday before I went to
school for my scheduled duty,
(my usual morning ritual), there is this segment
were in they invite a person to give some advice
to the viewers. Their topic that day was
influencing other people by the color
you wear. It caught my attention so
I paused for a while and listened.
First they define COLOR....
Colors can dictate the reaction of a person
depending on the interpretation of the person
that saw it.

+For those people who want to
to look more attracting wear
(especially the boys...Pink make us more
cute...^^..."MEN IN PINK"...oye).
Red and pink are advisable for
the person who would like to tease or
attract the person they love...As we all know
red and pink are always connected with LOVE.
Red can also show aggressiveness because
it is also the color war...Be careful not to
wear it loudly

+For those who wants to show their neutrality
it is advisable to wear WHI TE, BLACK or
GRAY because
those color are neutral color...^^
Note again:
If you are sad and you want to show that you
are sad, wear black...because black is a sad
color....use it to get sympathy from other...hahaha^^

+For those people who hired in a company wear
blue is a very corporate color and most
logo of companies like globe, smart etc are blue.
Blue also show loyalty.
I'm planning to wear blue t-shirt or polo
when it's time to meet THEM...who knows it might
work. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh^^

choosing the color that suits you can help
you to establish good personal relationships with
other people and it can help you to express your
mood and feelings.

I don't want to make this post too long
so let’s just play...

WHO is the person that
you remember when you see the color?





  1. nicxter says:

    Let me add
    Red means never say die
    Pink means healthy
    Blue means sticks to the rules

    Yellow-coraz0n aquin0
    Orange-batang makulit
    Also orange suggests a pers0n to be hungry that is why m0st fast fo0d chains use this color.
    Green-maybe s0me0ne who can refresh me..

  1. Bryan says:

    Thats true show strong will, ^^

  1. stevevhan says:

    Oh, I like the Red and Pink colors. Learned something new again. I am just tired waking up that early so i couldn't see the show.

    Yellow-Cory Aquino.
    Orange-Bogs Violago
    Green-Nature, I can't really remember a person wearing green but reminds me of nature.

  1. Bryan says:
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  1. Bryan says:

    Stiv>>>tnx 4 visitng^^

  1. wow Blue is loyalty that's nice...

    i love blue.. (haha no wonder why i call my slf blue dreamer
    and the layout of my bog is blue hehehe

  1. sorry for my late visit bryan..
    have a great day nd happy blogging

  1. Bryan says:

    It Looks like ur a real blue lover blu..^^..thank 4 d visit

  1. randy says:

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